Patient with a chronic disease? Apilife, a simple Telemonitoring app

Improve your care through better compliance. Apilife integrates a secure messaging system: you will have answers to your daily questions without fear of disturbing the service. Thanks to our therapeutic content, find reliable and quality information!
+ 9000 patients benefit from Apilife

How does it work ?

A secured messaging

Instant and secure messaging to contact your doctor more easily : get quick and efficient answers

Therapeutical Content Support

Regularly enriched content for reliable and useful information on your daily concerns

Transfer your biological datas

Send your biological data (weight, blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar, temperature...) directly to your doctor through our intuitive interface

Transfer your lab results

Transfer your city lab results via the application. The data is directly transcribed on a consolidated table to your doctor: saving time for the care team and ensuring better follow-up

Improve compliance

Living with a chronic disease or transplant has a significant impact on your daily life which can be improved through better monitoring.
Apilife allows you to improve this compliance thanks to :

  • Simple and intuitive evolution curves on your biological data
  • Instant transmission of these biological data to your doctor.

    These datas are processed in a consolidated table that allows your care team to better follow the evolution of your results and to receive automatic alerts.

Fast Answers

Are you afraid of disturbing your health care service? Is it difficult to reach your doctor?

  • Apilife incorporates secure instant messaging. Our team of telemedicine nurses are there to answer your daily questions quickly without fear of disturbing the service.
  • Indeed, our team of nurses are trained to answer most messages and to filter messages. Your care team will also be able to respond if your request requires their intervention!

Reliable information on your condition

It is difficult to find reliable information on your pathology? Are you afraid you won't understand all the information?

  • In our therapeutic content, you will find reliable information on the majority of questions you have in simple terms and validated by doctors.

  • All Apilife's therapeutic content is classified by category (practical information sheets, podcasts, testimonials, etc.) so that you can find the information you are looking for more easily.

Apilife available on Spotify

Our podcasts are available on Spotify!

  • Listen our interviews with medical specialists who answer your questions
  • Enjoy our podcasts wherever you are, whatever you are doing!

What people are saying

The messaging system allows me to contact my doctor quickly. It is very practical!

Sylvie, Apilife user
Numero Inc.

I really enjoyed the therapeutic support programme, the content of which is very rich and varied !

Benjamin, Apilife user
Numero Inc.

Apilife allows me to have my health data with me at all times and to be much more observant of my health...I recommend it!

Emmanuel, Apilife user
Numero Inc.

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