Simplifying physicians'


On top of the clinical benefits of using the iBox technology, Predict4Health offers physicians and hospitals an easy-to-use platform that simplifies access to data and decision making. The latest medical data intelligence algorithms are made accessible by the Predigraft interface and are easy to integrate into your daily work.
Easy Access to Data

Predigraft puts all your patients’ data and files at your fingertips. You’ll get a searchable patient database, access to lab and test results from your hospital, and secure communication with your patients. You can also customize alerts based on clinical and biological values.

Improved Collaboration

Predigraft allows for collaborative note taking and shared document access with local teams. Physicians can export all their patients data for research purposes. All of your data is completely secure and owned by you.

Faster Processing

Our proprietary optical recognition technology automatically processes biology, histology and immunological reports sent by patients, to structure data and accelerate data processing.

Convenient Deployment

Our technologies easily integrate into your IT systems with standardized connectors. We offer technical support to help your teams, including chatbots, documentation, email support, and a dedicated support team. Predict4Health works under international standards.

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What people are saying

An innovative app bringing together the most important key players in transplantation: a daily companion for patient centred care, tool to predict outcome after kidney transplantation and paving the way for personalised medicine

Dr. Annemarie Weißenbacher

Predigraft has the potential to be a valuable platform for integrated care of our kidney transplant patients, with iBox risk modelling embedded to guide clinical decision-making that we hope can ultimately improve long-term outcomes

Dr. Adnan Sharif
United Kingdom

Predigraft is an innovating application, which has the potential to be a key companion for a personalised care of kidney transplant recipients, by providing an integrated platform embedded with the iBox risk modelling of graft loss.

Dr. Valentin Goutaudier

A very promising tool to improve long term outcomes after transplantation - one step further towards personalized care.

Dr. Caroline Dudreuilh
United Kingdom

iBox is a wonderful tool and means great progress in the field of transplantation, as it will hopefully help in tailoring patient care and in developing new treatments for our patients.

Dr. Ilkka Helanterä

What people are saying

To enable development and gain approval by regulatory agencies, predictive and prognostic biomarkers and new surrogate endpoints for clinical trials will be necessary. Cibiltech provided the solution.

Peter Bernhardt

What people are saying

Apilife is a convenient application to stay contact with my medical team, easy to use because it is very intuitive and answers my essential needs (chat with doctor/nurse, reception and exchange of documents, follow-up of various clinical parameters (blood pressure, weight...)

A question to ask to a doctor? A test to send? A document to request? Now it's possible directly with Apilife and it's great. The app is very easy to use. It also provides practical information and advice for transplant patients. I also use it to monitor weight and blood pressure. Nice tool for transplant patients!

... Apilife is a great initiative! I can have quick exchanges with my doctor to transmit my results, as well as receiving a prescription. It is easy to use and user-friendly. Your little messages are clear and very well documented. Even if I have been transplanted in 2006, I have learnt and clarified new information. Thank you again to you and to the whole team.