Building a world where technology prevents organ failure

We believe the next giant Healthcare companies will develop algorithms used in care just as pharma companies develop molecules used as treatments.

Our Story

Predict4Health is founded on technical excellence and a deep commitment to patients.

The Paris Transplant Group developed the first universal predictive algorithm for transplantation in 2018 after 20 years of research. Our iBox technology is based on the Paris Transplant Group’s renowned scientific excellence and decades of experience caring for our own transplant patients.

We wanted to help patients worldwide by making our innovative technology available to everyone. With that goal, a team of scientific researchers and a team of entrepreneurs have joined forces to found Cibiltech in 2019. Predict4Health has acquired Cibiltech to continue and strengthen this project in 2023.

Together with a team of world-class scientists and business experts, we’re creating a world where science and technology work together in the service of human health.

Pierrick Arnal
Chief Executive Officer
Victoria Hemzacek
Chief Strategic Development Officer
Rozenn Cabioch
Head of Clinical Operations
Mathias Drouet-Tatin
Deployment Manager and User Experience
Richard Raduly
Head of software
Eloge Katasi
Office Manager
Nahima Gueblaoui
Telemedical nurse
Mélanie Paradot
Telemedical Nurse
Camille Auge
Telemedical Nurse
Cyril Buffard
Product owner
Amélie Leconte
UX UI Designer
Sonia Khalkhal
Quality engineer
Belkacem Tilmatine
Interoperability expert
Martin Haver
Product manager
Salma Mallek
Communication & Marketing
Arnaud Doubremelle
Web Developer
Yassine Khachlek
Web Developer
Rami Ismail
Web Developer
Raphaël Assuline
Web Developer
Quentin Cherifi
Sami Zouaoui
Thien Vu
Back office assistant

Centered on the wellbeing of patients

We are dedicated to helping others when they are in difficulty and making everyone feel useful and valued.
Our goal is to prevent organ failure to preserve life and ensure the resilience of the healthcare system.
We have the ability to adapt quickly and efficiently to different innovation challenges in constantly changing environments.
We are determined to complete our projects, even if obstacles and barriers may occur.