Preventing organ failure with Artificial Intelligence

Using predictive medicine to improve patients' life and simplify clinician's work.
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Let’s build a world where algorithms improve patient care as much as medicines and therapies.

Our mission is to improve patients’ live and healthcare systems by postponing organ failure with the power of AI.

Our products

Decision making tool based on iBox
Predigraft helps physicians monitor and treat patients by providing probabilities of rejection and allograft survival.
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Digital Biomarker for clinical trials
Our technology can be used to design clinical trials and to assess kidney allograft survival.
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Smart telemonitoring of chronic patients
Apilife is a fully connected platform acting as a medical hub for patients and their medical teams.
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We make predictive algorithms accessible with :

Simple & efficient clinical data management
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Groundbreaking & published models
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Clinical Validation and Regulatory approvals
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Fast & simple
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Support for doctors

Making the best choices for your patients is complex. Predict4Health supports your decision making and improves outcomes for your patients by providing data-driven, predictive, and personalized information. Our technology also integrates easily with hospital systems and daily routines.
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Speed for researchers

Our technology helps you evaluate research outcomes, accelerating clinical trials and the development of life-saving drugs by up to 7 years. Pharmaceutical companies or academics researchers can use the iBox technology as a primary or secondary endpoint to compare or assess long term graft survival
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Peace of mind for patients

Living with a chronic condition or a transplant is far from easy. That’s why we offer an easy-to-use app that simplifies medical communication and lets patients take control of their care. Through easy clinical data communication, document storage, and dedicated therapeutic programs, Predict4Health provides peace of mind to patients.
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Better health outcomes for everyone

Reducing organ failure and improving graft survival of transplanted patients allows for healthier patients, a more productive society and more cost-effective healthcare systems. Predict4Health’s goal is to use predictive medicine to prevent organ failure and create better healthcare for everyone.


Big milstone!
We have achieved full recruitment for our ongoing iBox clinical trial: more than 500 patients were recruited! This study aims to demonstrate
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iBox vs Human
Comparison of artificial intelligence and human-based prediction and stratification of the risk of long-term kidney allograft failure
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Number of users in July 2023
Predict4Health has garnered a substantial user base worldwide, positively impacting patient care.
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