Your simple and intelligent telemonitoring tool

Predict4Health offers remote monitoring tools for transplant patients and those with chronic diseases. Our product facilitate the transmission of information to medical teams.

Telemonitoring with Apilife

Apilife application is intuitive and easy to use. It facilitates information sharing and communication with the medical monitoring team with the patient at the center of his care.

Thanks to its intelligent system, Apilife alerts the medical team whenever a data is outside defined thresholds to ensure earlier intervention and better patient care.

An educational and easy-to-use application

Sending clinical data

Possibility to send different clinical data and visualise graphs to follow the evolution in real time. This allows patients to play an active role in their care and to better monitor their health.


These different data can be reported by patients or directly through connected devices (scales, blood pressure monitors, etc.) in Apilife. Specialists will be able to follow the data sent by their patients and to receive alerts in case of abnormalities.

Therapeutic support

We offer a comprehensive support program to assist patients in the early stages of transplantation, explaining for example what a biopsy is, what rejection is, and how to protect themselves from infection.

Patients will also receive videos and quizzes to help them review their knowledge and clarify things that were not understood.
As well as practical sheets on various topics such as "knowing your immunosuppressive treatment", "good practices for a cytobacteriological examination", "planning a trip when you have a transplant" and much more.
These brochures help to support patients and provide them comfort on everyday issues.

And finally, we have concocted some dietary recipes to indulge yourself without feeling guilty.

For a simplified exchange between the patient and the medical team

Secure messaging

The Apilife application is presented in a standard messaging format so that patients can communicate easily with their healthcare team.

Patients can ask questions to the medical team, send notes of their other consultations or receive prescriptions.

Messaging allows you to communicate and ask questions that do not require immediate answers.

Exchange of documents

Patients and doctors can exchange various documents such as test results or medical reports.

All documents can be found searchable and downloaded at any time in the Apilife application.

Secure data

All health data is stored on an approved Healthcare Data Hosting (HDS). Cibiltech is GDPR compliant. The access is secure for doctors and patients.

Apilife is available in the stores

A consolidated data hub for the medical team

Unique Innovation
Data Extraction Technology

The results of biological analysis are directly extracted thanks to an automatic optical recognition of values and units. A conversion system allows the data to be consolidated in a biological table.

This biological table is fed by new blood and urine analyses, It provides an overall view of the results collected on different dates.

A complete platform for medical teams

Patient File

All the necessary data are for the follow-up of the patients is consolidated in their file. Physicians can find their patient's personal information, the documents such as biological analysis results, biopsies, DSA reports, prescriptions or even medical reports.

Smart alert system

An alert system has been implemented to warn the doctor in case of abnormalities, which can be configured at the service and patient level.
Alerts are present for clinical and biological data, they help to signal problems for a quicker management of the patient.

Sharing with other centers

Each patient record can be shared with another doctor for the purpose of patient follow-up. In this way, all doctors who have access can consult the information and documents in the file. No information is lost between the different follow-ups. The medical note tab facilitates transmissions between healthcare professionals.

What people are saying

Apilife is a convenient application to stay contact with my medical team, easy to use because it is very intuitive and answers my essential needs (chat with doctor/nurse, reception and exchange of documents, follow-up of various clinical parameters (blood pressure, weight...)

A question to ask to a doctor? A test to send? A document to request? Now it's possible directly with Apilife and it's great. The app is very easy to use. It also provides practical information and advice for transplant patients. I also use it to monitor weight and blood pressure. Nice tool for transplant patients!

Apilife is a great initiative! I can have quick exchanges with my doctor to transmit my results, as well as receiving a prescription. It is easy to use and user-friendly. Your little messages are clear and very well documented. Even if I have been transplanted in 2006, I have learnt and clarified new information. Thank you again to you and to the whole team.

More than 2600 patients
are now using Apilife