Our expertise
in AI based software as medical devices

Medical Data

Accessing clinical data in a simple and convenient way

is required to revolutionize medical research, improve people’s lives, and transform our healthcare systems - but it’s also one of the major challenges of our time. At Predict4Health, we believe that data consolidation is achievable through automation and interoperability. We are doing it in the transplant field, as it is one of the most complex and comprehensive specialty, which will allow us to easily scale to other fields.

Easier data input and output

Our new generation of flexible and interoperated Electronic Health Records is built on various connectors to facilitate data input and outputs within any hospital IT system.

90% less manual entry

Our OCR technology offers universal lab test results recognition and extraction, so you can easily import out-patients lab test results into our health records database, cutting your manual entry workload by 90%.

Connect and empower patients

Never lose track of clinical data from your chronic patients and their connected devices with our system. We simplify communication between healthcare providers and patients and empower your patients in their own health management.

Transplant specific expertise

HLA and biopsy (Banff) data can now be crunched and visualized like never before with automated data collection and specialized expertise from our clinical team

Software Distribution

We believe that life-improving solutions should be made available as quickly as possible and everywhere.

That’s why Predict4Health develops customisable end to end platforms for physicians and patients, with all required documentation and security processes to meet the requirements of almost any hospital.

Connect to any system

We have a strong focus on interoperability so you can easily install our software in any hospital system. Predict4Health connects to all healthcare standards, including FHIR, HPRIM, HL7 and more.

Fast and supported deployment

To deploy our software as simply and quickly as possible for you, we send our own interop experts to help. They ensure the highest quality and reduce your IT department’s workload.

Easy to use medical apps

We have designed our solutions to fit with and adapt to most clinical practices, so you can begin using them and saving time without adapting your whole workload.

Smart alerting system

Data consolidation is useless without a clever system for data monitoring and notifications to users. We have developed a customisable cross-channel alerting system.

Validation & Certification

Clinical software with high patient benefits are now considered as medical devices, just like any other medical equipment.

That’s a big change. At Predict4Health , we embraced this outlook from day one and we are now one of the first companies to have received class IIa CE marking under the Medical Device Regulation. In addition, at the heart of what we do, we have the will to prove our clinical utility in randomised clinical trials.

Scientific validation through worldwide studies

Our data-driven decision tools are systematically assessed in clinical studies with the aim of proving a strong clinical impact through an unique scientific approach.

Quality system ISO 13485 and CE marking

We apply very high standards in everything we do from development to delivery, just like any medical device manufacturer.

Secure data

We comply with the most stringent regulations to ensure your data is safe and secure, including HDS, HIPAA, ISO 27001, and more.

Data ownership

By complying to GDPR, we ensure that patients and physicians retain full rights on their data.